Exchange 2010 Lab setup Lessons learned.

Home to atthedatacenter.comIn retrospect (it’s always easier looking back) I would have changed the role placement a little different.My lab started with the first server being a domain controller which also held the first exchange server holding the cas, hub and mailbox role. A second Exchange server holding the cas, hub and mailbox role. This was due to the fact I heard a lot of reference to a two server redundant setup. I then wound up needing a third server for the file share witness. The file share witness can not be on the same server in a DAG membership. That’s were a three server setup comes into play.What I should have done was made a domain controller that would have been a file share witness server, and then two exchange servers holding the cas, hub and mailbox role.As with Exchange 2007, the Edge role will need to be by itself.There are a few extra steps when the FSW goes on a domain controller. I found this article to help, a few possibilities.You need two Domain controllers if you want redundancy.You could then have two cas/hub/mailbox servers and put the FSW on the DC’s. This would allow for redundancy for all databases.If you add a third cas, hub, mailbox exchange server, each could hold a FSW for the other two servers, again providing redundancy for all databases.Note, this is for a lab setup. In a production environment I wouldn’t suggest putting the FSW on a domain controller. The three Exchange servers with a FSW for the opposing two servers is a viable solution for production however.Archiving.The archiving is a little week in my opinion. I don’t see much advantage when the archive mailbox is in the same database as the primary mailbox with no way to move it. It does get you setup for the introduction to a third part archiving system however.NetworkingOne other thing I didn’t have for my lab- Each DAG should have a minimum of two networks. You can create additional networks in a database availability group (DAG), and configure them for client access or for use by replication. More on the network setup  Hope it helps.                                                                       Home to atthedatacenter.comdw


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