report on what users are using activesync in Exchange 2007

A recent customer was looking for a convenient way to get a report on what users are using activesync in Exchange 2007.

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Get-Mailbox -ResultSize:Unlimited | ForEach {Get-ActiveSyncDeviceStatistics -Mailbox:$_.Identity} | Select-Object identity,devicemodel,LastSuccessSync | export-csv -path C:ActiveSyncExportsGetMailbox.csv

Then look for the C:ActiveSyncExports GetMailbox.csv file.

If you would like other information written, change or add to “identity,devicemodel,LastSuccessSync”

Possibilities are

FirstSyncTime, LastPolicyUpdateTime, LastSyncAttemptTime, LastSuccessSync, DeviceType, DeviceID, DeviceUserAgent, DeviceWipeSentTime, DeviceWipeRequestTime, DeviceWipeAckTime, ,LastPingHeartbeat, RecoveryPassword, DeviceModel, DeviceIMEI, DeviceFriendlyName, DeviceOS, DeviceOSLanguage, DevicePhoneNumber, Identity.

Another way would be to:

Log on to the cas servers. (This is the problem if you have multiple CAS servers. You will need to run this for each CAS server)

Look in C:inetpublogsLogFilesW3SVC1 for the latest logs. Replace the log name in the following command line. (You also need to make the directory ActiveSyncExports.

Export-ActiveSyncLog -FileName: “C:inetpublogsLogFilesW3SVC1u_ex091022.log” -StartDate:”10/20/09” -EndDate:”10/30/09” -UseGMT:$true -OutputPath:”c:ActiveSyncExports”

Run the command from the Exchange shell

Open c:ActiveSyncExports. The reports for that day will be in there. I think the user.csv will give you what you want. Unfortunately you will have to do this for each day (logs are created once a day) but it will give the user names as they logged on.

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Hope it helps.  



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