Error adding ESX 3.5 to vCenter 4.0 – No License server


So the customer didn’t ever have a license server. It was a fresh install of vSphere 4 and vCenter 4. We wanted to add an existing ESX 3.5 server to vCenter to move the VM’s to the new vSphere cluster. I received this error:

“vi3 host cannot be added if vcenter is licensed but license server is not configured. configure license server and try again.”


Research will show –

According to,  "vCenter Server 4.0 does not require a license server to manage ESX 4.0/ESXi 4.0 hosts. vCenter Server 4.0 requires a license server to manage ESX 3.x/ESXi 3.5 hosts. If you do not have a license server installed and you need one, download the VMware License Server from the VMware Web site."

I haven’t found a separate download for the license server, but I did discover its on the vCenter CD.

Look in the vpx folder for VMware-licenseserver.exe on the vCenter 4.0 cd.

Hope it saves some search and download time.

Home to

Hope it helps



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